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CLOT® is something more than just a clothing brand - it's creative movement reflects the company's foremost mission statement: bridging the East & West.

Asia's passion for all things Americana has exponentially grown over the past 30 years. Dating back to 1990's trailblazers like Hiroshi Fujiwara, Nigo, & Jun Takahashi paving the way. They interpreted Americana through their own lens, & created a cohesion of their own identities, passions & culture.


CLOT® is formed in 2003. The brainchild of childhood friends Kevin Poon & Edison Chen. KP studied finance at Pepperdine, & interned at Interscope Records whilst in California. Between the studying & interning, KP was importing/exporting sneakers for his friends in the US & Hong Kong - as many kicks were not available in either area respectively. Possibly unknowingly to himself at the time, but Poon was already building relationships & creating his own sneaker community. Paired with his internship at Interscope & his already embedded love for Hip Hop, the concept of CLOT® naturally evolved to be what it is today.

Edison Chen had been initially cast for TV commercials in the late 90's & developed into a widely recognised actor & musician in Asia. Chen was cast for multiple roles in Japanese films. Expanding his artistry further, Chen's passion for music landed him a record deal in the year 2000. In a lot of ways, EC became one of the most prominent figures in streetwear in China. His love for streetwear & hip hop is synonymous with his identity & public persona. All of these influences outside of fashion only add to the makeup of CLOT®. It becomes clear to see how the brand's vision has come to be. 


Clot's first store in Hong Kong(Clot's first store in Hong Kong) 

Kevin & Edison first open JUICE STORE in 2004. Juice acts as an extension of CLOT®. Juice Store became the first home for a lot of American labels in China. The concept of the store certainly broke a lot of ground in the early to mid 2000's. CLOT's physical home became a space for more than just clothing. Juice held events, product launches, book signings & the like. Something which had not been explored much in a retail sense at that time. Clot's merging of cultures, concepts & ideas however becomes truly realised through their collaborative products. 


(Clot has regularly been collaborating with Medicom since 2004)
One of Clot's longest standing & recognizable partnerships is with Medicom Toy Co. A true early adopter of the Medicom craze that swept the world, CLOT® has produced a slew of iconic Bearbrick designs. 
 (Designed for Kanye West "Touch The Sky" tour of Hong Kong)

In 2006, CLOT® sponsored the only Asian stop on Kanye West's "Touch The Sky" Tour. CLOT® also designed a commemorative T-Shirt & with Nike, created a "performer exclusive" colourway in an Air Max 1 which West wore during his performance in Hong Kong.




From the mid 2000's & onwards, CLOT® begun developing original fabrics & prints. Embarking on this creative process is not a decision that every streetwear label chooses. It requires a far greater deal of work to execute, but smartly allowed CLOT® to continue to stand out from their counterparts. Two of most recognizable prints developed were the "Silk Royale" & "Alienegra".

(Clot's Silk Royale) 

(Clot's Alienegra print)


CLOT® truly begun to achieve some global recognition through their collaboration product. With a focus on pushing the boundaries & bridging their "East meets West" ethos, their collaborations have caught the eyes & imaginations of people throughout the world. One cannot delve into CLOT's collaboration history without extensively mentioning The Swoosh. As of 2022, CLOT® have released over 20 sneakers with Nike + Jordan alone. The concepts that CLOT® created are unmatched. Their significance in terms of sneaker history, pushing the boundaries, & capturing the imaginations of the public cannot be understated. 


In the early-to-mid 2000's sneaker design was still fairly restrained & overall quite subdued. Nike SB was still arguably in it's adolescence. The world was yet to see just how crazy SB designs could really be. So in 2006, when CLOT® released their infamous "Kiss of Death" Nike Air Max 1 - sneakerhead's around the world felt some sort of way..

(CLOT® x Nike Air Max 1 "Kiss of Death)

Polarising isn't even the half of it. But it was undeniable how special this project was. Despite being so left of field, showcasing a culture that wasn't American, taking all the lining out & having a CLEAR toe-box (which to some, still doesn't feel 100% right on sneakers) the Kiss of Death's were a hit. Truly embodying CLOT's East meets West mantra, & in turn elevating the Air Max 1 to new heights. This set the bar for how collaboration product should be developed. CLOT® & Nike went on to produce 5 more "Kiss of Death" concepts with the Air Max 1.

(2007 - 4 pairs created for Kanye's "Touch The Sky" Tour. 2 pairs given to Ye & Edison respectively. Reissued in 2021!)




One other project that rose to a similar level of infamy was the "Chinese Candy Box" Air Force 1 between Nike & CLOT®. This sneaker continued to push beyond the limits of what CLOT® had already done in the past. It is quite an achievement to consistently break the mould, and to one-up yourself time & time again. Fusing elements of traditional Chinese history with an American icon, but this time adding a few major twists. CLOT® utilized their Silk Royale print for the first time on a sneaker, but secretly created a underlayer alongside the red upper. This, to our memory, is the first time a "tear away" upper was utilised on Nike footwear. Fun fact, a lot of sneakerheads struggled to wrap their heads around the tear away aspect of the Candy Box AF1. Partly destroying, burning or tearing away your deadstocks was a hard pill to swallow for many shoe lovers. Clot's creativity is undeniable though.



For almost 20 years CLOT® has been an exemplar of "the best of both worlds". Pioneering vision & consistent excellence have established CLOT® as a major player in not only the streetwear realm, but also the collaborative, sneaker & retail spaces also.

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